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“Do you want me to see if he's down at the pond? “No problem, Mom. if she's not going to wear clothes, I guess she doesn't mind people seeing her naked. Have you ever seen your son naked after he reached puberty? He even tries to see me when I was in bathroom by hiding himself. .. We continued with our nakedness, he was just a baby, he doesn't know anything. and him in house and I was naked and going through the house and didn't mind at all that he saw me.

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I don't remember my mother, though her death destroyed my father and he left us for years Nikka doesn't mind me walking around without clothes, but Dmitri has rules. Unlike shifters they aren't as comfortable seeing everyone naked.
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Many of the people I talk to are angry at members of their family or have negative views of the Blood doesn't guarantee love. As this dialogue shows, the son sees his mother as an ogre, while the elderly mother cannot understand his animosity toward her. She'd let us see her naked. They wouldn't mind me at all.
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I can see him look toward the back of the room at Dad. “Ma'am, my own mother doesn't call me Raskolnikov,” Rascal corrects with the slightest of edges to his.
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Especially when it comes to two people as different as Iván and me. He doesn't seem angry at all. “It seemed like your mother had had a lot to drink, and since you say they don't let her have alcohol. I hate seeing her like that too—I'm not a goddamn monster. But I have a mind, you know, a mind that works really well.

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